Strangelove – 009

Strangelove - War Dog Memorial P.W.VOIGT PHOTOGRAPHY - Strangelove - Kamikaze South Pacific

Strangelove – Kamikaze South Pacific

Strangelove. An investigation into the meaning of weapons in peacetime.
When P.W. VOIGT attended a NATO air show just after the attacks of September 11, he was surprised by the enthusiastic responses from the audience. Did people need the display of fire-power and military strength to restore their shattered world image ?That was his impetus for beginning STRANGELOVE, a long-running and still unfinished investigation into the meaning of weapons in peacetime. By examining their public manifestations Voigt exposes the emotions lying behind them. He shows us the flexing of military muscles in the parade and the devout silence of the museum, where weapons are sometimes relics of glorious victories and sometimes a protest against senseless destruction. Their meaning changes over time. The promise of destruction becomes the memory of the promise, the excitement makes way for sentiment and pathos.

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