judgment, sharpness
hole (in cheese), eye (in a needle), center (of a storm)
a ojos vistas : openly, publicly
andar con ojo : to be careful
¡ojo! : look out!, pay attention!



Industrial photography.
Documentation of an sulphuric acid plant in Venezuela.
Take a brief look inside.

Sulphuric Acid Book


Early Works. 1993.
Experiments in polarized light.
Artwork for an amazing album by +N ( Victor Sol, Atom Heart and Cosey Fanni Tutti )
Try to buy a copy if you can find one ;-)


Unfortunately, Geometric lost the original slides.


Artwork for an album by +N ( Victor Sol, Atom Heart and Cosey Fanni Tutti ). 1993

We did a small movie while working in Alabama.

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We spent a spectacular day at the mountain of Cerro de Sorte in Yaracuy, Venezuela. This magical place is the origin of the Maria Lionza religion, a wild blend of Catholicism, Shamanism and Voodoo. Maria Lionza, the queen of the mountain is shown as a naked, full-breasted Indian, riding a large tapir.
Well, we felt a bit, as if we were on a movie set for “I walked with a zombie” vs. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Enjoy the teaser showing my journey towards the Cerro de Sorte

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Driving up to Cerro Sorte, Venezuela

Weiss als Summe der Komplementärfarben und als Reflexion des Lichts ist in seiner Absolutheit das Einfache, Klare, das Wenige. Vor vier Jahren hat die Galerie mit der Ausstellung “Die Farbe Schwarz” zeitgenössische künstlerische Positionen ausgestellt, deren Mal- und Stilmittel hauptsächlich von der Farbe Schwarz getragen wurden. In der Ausstellung geht es weniger um das Malmittel, als um die Annäherung an das Phänomen Weiss. Die Vielzahl der teilnehmenden Künstler steht für eine Fülle von möglichen Betrachtungen und Erscheinungen des Phänomens Weiss.

Sie sehen Arbeiten von: John Davies, Wulf Kirschner, Conny Bosch, Astrid Köppe, Winfried Skrobek, Alissa Walser, Jörg Ahrnt, Jan Christian Pohl, Barbara Feuerbach, Michelle Concepción, P. W. Voigt, Stefan F. Konrad, Peter Schlor, Karl Schleinkofer, Thomas Bredenfeld, Kyong Lee.

P.W.VOIGT PHOTOGRAPHY - Strangelove - Atomic MissileStrangelove – Atomic Missile

From 18 January until 30 April, 2012

Galerie Arte Giani
Taunusanlage 18, Frankfurt

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, 19:00 pm, Kunstverein Familie Montez will hold an auction to raise funds for reconstruction works that will become necessary following conditions imposed by the authorities of the City of Frankfurt.

It is a known fact that as of November 15, 2010, Kunstverein Familie Montez is being prohibited from admitting the public onto its entire premisses. Owing to the enormous public interest and good cooperation of all parties involved, however, the authorities have announced to allow public access upon agreement and under the condition that Kunstverein Familie Montez provides the necessary fire precaution measurements and security requirements.Following our spontaneous call to start an art auction, 80 artists have already agreed to provide their works for the good cause.
So far works of the following artists will be auctioned:
Nikolaus Nessler, Martin Neumaier, Christa Näher, Manfred Peckl, Hermann Nitsch, Edwin Schäfer, Kai Helmstetter, Milena Vrtalova, Thilo Heinzmann, Stefan Bressel, Matti Braun, Mathias Deutsch, Anne Kaminsky, Thomas Kilpper, Marko Lehanka, Jens Lehmann, Jan Lotter, Peyman Rahimi, Tobias Rehberger, Michael S. Riedel, Anke Röhrscheid, Deniz Alt, Valentina Stanojev, Vroni Schwegler, Tamara Grcic, Karsten Bott, Heiner Blum, Helena Arendt, Uwe Gross, Il-Jin Atem Choi, Bikinirama, Christiaan Tonnis, Florian Heinke, Elizabeth Dorazio, Clemens Stecher, Sandip Shah, Rosangela Dorazio, Gil Vicente,Wolfgang Winter, Jin-Kyoung Huh, Mrs. Velvet G.Oldmine, Valeria Heisenberg, Nina Hollein, Thomas Nolden, Jonathan Penca, Katja Ostermeyer, Stefan Wieland, Birgit Brinkmann, Martin Liebscher, Mariola Brillowska, Sven Tadic, Sebastian Stöhrer, Max Pauer, Dirk Baumanns, Eva Moll, Monika Romstein, Peter Braunholz, Ruth Luxenhofer, Charlotte Malcolm-Smith, Thomas Hartmann, Jos Diegel, Ralf Schmitt, Stefan Stichler, Ronald Wullems, Zachary Kraemer, Mirek Macke, Ramo Mayer, Thomas Draschan, Galia Brener, Lionel Röhrscheid, Christoph von Loew, Leonie Bodeving, Karsten Kraft, Swetlana Gerner, Corinna Mayer, Oliver Tüchsen, Julian Lee, Andreas Rohrbach,Thomas Erdelmeier, Heather Allen, Raul Gschrey, Kai Teichert, P.W.Voigt, Thomas Bayrle, Caroline Krause, Sandra Mann, Willi Tomes, Simone Decker, Nathalie Grenzhäuser, Hanna Rut Neidhardt, Albrecht Wild, Fiona Leus, Kerstin Krone Bayer, Ralf Werner ….
The auction will be held at Ausstellungshalle A1, Schulstrasse 1, on December 16, 2010 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Preview of the works will be on December 15, 2010 at the above venue between 16:00 and 20:00 pm.

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What determines a person’s lot ?
In Human Conditions, the catalogue accompanying the 16th Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2009, six curators reveal their own vision of social and individual struggles and the way in which they shape the circumstances in which people live. From the Gaza Strip to the barrios of Caracas, from refugee centres to the loneliness behind front doors, Human Conditions sketches a penetrating picture of what it mean to be human.

Human Conditions Catalogue
Price: EUR 44,50

Hardcover, fullcolor and duotone
Size 22x28cm, 248 Pages
English (exhibition texts and biographies)
ISBN 978-90-76703-41-1
Distribution: Idea Books
Publication: 2009
Design: Dirk de Jong

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The catalogus contains work from the following exhibitions:

War Machines – Wim Melis
(photographers: Robert Hirsch, Gabriel Jones, Shunkichi Kikuchi, Simon Norfolk, Simon Roberts, Paul Shambroom, P.W. Voigt, Yosuke Yamahata)

Point of No Return – Stuart Franklin

Closing In – Lauren Heinz

Ordinary Pain-  Simon Njami

Lost – Marc Prüst
Multivocal Histories – Bas Vroege

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Good News,
I am glad to announce, that I was selected to show the Strangelove Project
at the Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2009
Human Conditions 6 September through 4 October 2009 Groningen, the Netherlands

© P.W.VOIGT PHOTOGRAPHY - Strangelove - Trinty Test DisplayStrangelove – Trinty Test Display

Wim Melis War Machines

What are arms without war? In an intriguing exhibition Simon Norfolk, P.W. Voigt and Gabriel Jones (a.o.) each in their own way isolate tanks, aircraft and rockets from their raison d’etre. What meaning, what significance do they have when they fall into disuse? A couple of times a year nuclear rockets without their warheads are fired from California in the direction of the Marshall Islands. In ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ Simon Norfolk (GB) records this test ritual – a ritual which during the Cold War called up associations of threatened extermination, but in the current climate strikes one as risible. ‘Strangelove’, the contribution by P.W. Voigt (DE), dissects the madness of armaments by looking at their public function in peace-time, from the flexing of muscles in parades through the devout silence of the museum. The emotional freight changes with time. The threat of a bloodbath becomes the memory of that fear, the excitement makes way for sentiment and pathos. In ‘Irhann’ Gabriel Jones (US) goes a step further. His rockets, or parts thereof, are stripped of every scrap of glory by dumping them in a fictional landscape. They are inert, overgrown, abandoned. But what sort of rockets are they? Are they nuclear death-machines or booster rockets for satellites, icons of progress? Jones leads the viewer down the garden path. Are we looking at the desolate landscape of a long-forgotten war, or simply at civilian material that has been put out to pasture? In all these contributions the machines, symbols of might and destruction, lose their terrible charge. What is left is the absurdity of war.

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